Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Card making spree

Well the weather hasn't been warm (or dry) enough to go into the garden over the last few days so I've had a BIG card making session. It's funny how some days the ideas come quicker than you make cards and other days there is no inspiration at all. I've had a few good days!!!!
a couple of 'horsey' cards!
These are using stickers that I found in 'Home Bargains' a couple of weeks ago.

Gingham and dots

And using more of my bargain stickers. I really like doing 9 squares again. When I first started card making I did this style with either 4,6 or 9 squares and I'd forgotten how much I liked it.

This is a birthday card I was asked to do by a friend for her Mom's 70th birthday ~ she loved it! Very different from the less is more I've started to do.

And finally 2 cards I made to put in my 'box'.

Lots of different styles here  ~ I like them all!

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