Tuesday, March 15, 2011


Last photo of Lottie

I'm feeling very sad today ~ yesterday I had to make the heart rending decision to have my beautiful tortoiseshell cat put to sleep. She had been unwell for a while and I suspected she had kidney failure which the vet confirmed. Aged 14, she'd had a wonderful life after my daughter resued her from a local garden centre as a tiny kitten and she wound her way into the hearts of the other 3 male cats I had at the time. Muffin the long haired tabby was her especial favourite and they were rarely parted. She became very depressed when he died and then transferred her affections to my handsome ginger tom , Elmo. After he died a couple of years ago she attached herself to me and went everywhere with me in the house ~ even to the bathroom!! I miss her so much and the house seems very empty without her.

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