Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tutorial on 'how to make a shirt'

Ok so a couple of lovely ladies who commented on my 'shirt' card wanted to know how to fold the lotto ticket. This is my first ever effort at a tutorial so here goes :

First of all mark the centre points on the back of the lotto ticket This is a normal 'only having one go' type of ticket - about 11.5 cms long

Then fold both sides in to the middle towards the back

Turn ticket over and fold up (towards the back) just over half way. I usually fold it to the top of the bar code. This small piece at the top is the collar

 Then turn over again and fold diagonally from the halfway point to the top (shoulder) point - this forms the sleeve. I usually cut about 1cm down to give the sleeve a bit more definition

Fold over a tiny cuff for the sleeve and then cut in the small piece at the top for the collar - about 1cm / 1.5cm - enough to be able to fold it down to the centre front of shirt.

Then you can draw a line down the middle for the centre front and cut in a small 'vee-shape' at the bottom of shirt. At this point you have to decide whether or not to glue it all down securely. Obviously not, if it's a current lotto ticket! Add  2/3 buttons and it's finished.

Try different papers for different effects - maybe an Hawaian shirt for someone going on holiday!


Sandra said...

Cann't see your pictures. Boo Hoo

San xx

Dori said...

I can see the pictures - that's very clear, thanks so much xx